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March 22nd, 2015

Yma Sumac welcomes to Her Official site

In a while, a definitive and very beautiful book on Yma Sumac will be out, but funds must be raised first. That will come in the middle of next year. It will mostly be full of gorgeous never-before-seen photos of Yma Sumac from all
periods of her life. The text will be factual and perhaps, at times, a little shocking. Her professional life was long, fulfilling and extraordinary. Her home and personal life
was quite different. Most interesting of all, somehow, as a woman, she managed to remain a mystery till the very end. Interviews with intimates and those who were privy to the Sumac-Vivanco home (in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s) paint a very thorough, yet unusually rounded picture of the Diva’s life.
But till then...
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A rather fantastic magazine has published some never-before-seen Yma Sumac photos, called ‘The Magical Times’. They are beautiful images! You can view and purchase that
magazine here: Magical Times
This total joy of a young fella re-made the very dear ‘Yma Dream’ skit first made famous by Anne Bancroft, and you must see it: video

Very limited Edition Yma Sumac key chains with photos taken directly from the vintage original transparencies can be purchased here: KEY CHAINS
Have a look at our MISC Photos page of very rare photos of the Diva. Don’t forget to visit our GUEST BOOK. We love to hear from you!

Till next time.