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July 22nd, 2015

Yma Sumac welcomes to Her Official site

Hello Everyone,
An extremely special Limited Edition of only 50 music CDís are available (till they sell out)  titled 
ĎAn Evening of Exoticaí
 It is all never-before-heard  live music from Yma Sumac from 1950 to 1961, with  very special bonus tracks. These are individually numbered! When all 50 are gone, thatís it, so donít hesitate! Please go to our SHOP PAGE for purchase.  

Hopefully you had a chance to see the
Yma Sumac treasures shown on TV for the first time ever, on L.A. Frock Stars.

You can see a promo video here

Speaking of Yma Sumac treasures, while 90% of the Divaís beloved Inca jewels will remain in her archives, this gorgeous piece is available to the first lucky fan to contact the webmaster   and discuss purchase ($400). To own something dear to the mysterious Inca Goddess is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Good luck!
(click on the image to enlarge it)

The final Yma Sumac vintage original gown that will
be made available!

1. This dress first belonged to the iconic Queen of Exotica, Yma Sumac. She wore it (as seen in these photos) in 1952 to the beloved Mocambo Club in Hollywood for her  birthday.

 2. Sixty years later gorgeous Dita Von Teese wore it in a full color L.A. Weekly photo shoot.
 3. The photos come with this dress.
 4. The famed Inca jewels do not come with this.
5. The designer of this dress is the renowned De Pinna of New York.     

I am not an expert at dresses, but these are the measurements according to how I measured sold others in the past:
 1. BUST: 30" (however that is being measured from the uppermost back--there are still the breast cups). Dita Von Teese says based on her own measurements " a 34 to 35 inch bust +25 to 26 inch waist" can fit into this  just fine. There are breast pads in this (Sumac had them built into all of her dresses). 
 2. Waist: 24 to 26 (there is 50's boning in this)
 3. Hips: full (can fit any size). 
 4. Length from waist to floor, 44"

This dress will go to the first buyer who is ready to purchase. Please
contact webmaster for pricing. Good luck!

If available in your country, you may want to check out Miss Sumacís much loved Facebook page: The Spell of Yma Sumac. 

We have updated our MISC PHOTOS page, so do have a look! Always something very rare there.

This website will have a gorgeous overhaul very soon, our webmaster tells us. That is definitely something exciting.  I wonder what weíll come up with?

The Yma Sumac in Russia DVD is back by popular demand! You can purchase that from the SHOP PAGE .

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Thatís it for now!