January 8, 2020


The exciting new front page is inspired by Yma Sumac's Miracles album, the song "Magenta Mountain" in particular. We're considering making prints of it.

At last...a 100% accurate and detailed Yma Sumac timeline! Seventy-five to 85% of what you read about Yma Sumac online is nonsense, including her badly researched  Wikipedia entry. Our new and exclusive timeline was researched by the Diva's own (signed) archived documents and letters (both professional and personal), as well as hundreds of private photographs. Countless vintage worldwide news clippings and original tour itinerary were also part of the research.  So if you or anyone you know is writing a blog, photo caption, short bio, magazine article, book or talking about Yma Sumac via TV, podcast, radio, video, or in person - you can refer them to this timeline.  There are some shockers here that will change past Yma Sumac history and folklore! Click on TIMELINE above and that will take you there.   note: if you would like to change Wiki's inaccuracies based on facts you find here, we welcome that and we thank you, as  well).



Digital downloads of exclusive non-commercially released Yma Sumac music are available again, with samples
of each track and promo videos.  As well, there are exclusive beautiful Yma Sumac prints available
printed directly from the Diva's own vintage transparencies and negatives.

Here is a  link to the Yma Sumac music in our SHOP.  Both CD and digital download formats are available.

Here is our latest PROMO VIDEO of Sumac singing  Mozart's Queen of the Night (her way) and a never before vocalized version of Debussy's Clair de Lune. 

Yma Sumac has an official Instagram page now. All sorts of rare and exclusive things to see there.

That's about it for now. Feel free to post in our much loved GUEST BOOK .