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May 23, 2023
Hello, Sumac fans!


The first ever Exotikon will take place on June 23rd to 25th, 2023 at the Wisdome in Los Angeles, CA. Exotikon is an imersive festival celebrating Exotica Music and all that goes with it! Yma Sumac is the Queen of Exotica so it is only appropriate that she be a feature part of the event. Many of Yma Sumac's most iconic wardrobe and jewelry, many never seen in public before, will be on display all three days. We are presenting a symposium on Yma Sumac with never before seen images, film footage and music directly from the Diva's archives. There will be two presentations, the first on Friday, June 23rd at 6pm and Sunday, June 25 at 11am. A very special performance by Mambo Diabolico will take place on the evening of June 23rd. Their 12-piece band will reprise their sold out Yma Sumac Tribute show from last September. 

Exciting and exclusive Yma Sumac merchandise will be available, as well as a meet and greet with Damon Devine.

For tickets and more information on the wild fun, visit



At the beginning of 2022, we created a beautifully illustrated proposal to Los Angeles District 13 office in hopes of creating an Yma Sumac Square in Hollywood. We used vintage certificates, photos, awards, and other accolades directly from the Official Yma Sumac Archives in the proposal. Carmen Miranda and Celia Cruz have square dedications, so it seemed quite appropriate that Yma Sumac should have one, too. 

Thanks to the dedication and support of Mitch O'Farrell's office, Hollywood, and the City of Los Angeles, it happened! 

On September 22nd, 2022 at 10:30am, to wrap up almost 3 weeks of celebration of Yma Sumac's Centenary in Hollywood, the intersection of Wilcox Ave and Hollywood Blvd (right by Yma Sumac's star on the Walk of Fame) was officially - and permanently - named Yma Sumac Square. Because Yma Sumac was the first singer of either gender to give concerts in all 4 corners of the world, YMA SUMAC SQUARE plaques were placed (for the first time in the history of Hollywood) in all 4 corners of the intersection.

You can watch the unveiling ceremony here:

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There is a bit of controversy in Peru about them not having done anything significant for Yma Sumac's 100th birthday, in comparison to all Hollywood has done for her. Well... Something beautiful was released in the form of a nationwide postage stamp! Me and my assistant created the images seen on the stamp and its colorful packaging. A Peruvian artist added some very nice embellishments and this is the result! The stamps were released in Peru by Serpost on September 30th and will be a limited edition of 5000.

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Here's a couple images of the Yma Sumac statue at Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Los Angeles. It will be a permanent addition to the iconic cemetery. The statue was made and donated by artist Martin Espinoza Grajeda and was brought all the way from France. We supplied around 50 images of Yma Sumac's face in every angle possible so the artist could sculp Yma Sumac's beautiful face and very recognizable make-up. This is the first statue of Yma Sumac to ever be installed for public viewing. 

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We were recently featured in a great article in the Los Angeles Times, you can read that here and in El Comercio from Peru, and you can find that here.

It should be noted Yma Sumac's Wikipedia pages (both in English and especially in Spanish) are filled with dubious sources and agenda ridden information written by a fanatical Yma Sumac "fan". Therefore, Wiki is not an accurate source of information. Please refer to our TIMELINE for real and verified information, taken from Yma Sumac's own documents.

© Copyright Damon Devine
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